About the 💰 Grants category

Use the forum to post your grant application and get feedback, ideas and suggestions from the community


In support of our mission and vision, FTT DAO provides grants and other resources to eligible projects that support the ecosystem, the BFF community, projects and community events.

The FTT DAO focuses on work that strengthens its foundations with particular focus on educational events, community resources and other services for the public. Funding is generally directed towards community contributors rather than end users.


The FTT DAO’s grants program’s aim is to steward the FTT ecosystem, bridge the current gap to help the world understand, learn and apply their crypto knowledge and encourage a transparent and robust digital asset ecosystem.

FTT DAO awards grants and will deploy resources both financial and non-financial. The DAO aims to keep its proceeds flexible and evolving in order to open new ideas and support community builders of all kinds.

Grants are awarded through a community-led evaluation process whilst calls can be arranged to explore a broad range of support and collaboration through an informal conversation.