Another approach to Effective Altruism

Fam, I would love to share a proposal :blush:

A way I think the Dao can help promote effective altruism, though not a direct approach to improve humanity

What if the Dao seek to promote animal welfare ?

I’m guessing one of the reasons SBF is a vegan is cos he values animal welfare.
What if the Dao can seek to partner and provide grants for grassroots non-profit animal welfare organizations around the globe.
Animal welfare is important because there are so many animals around the world suffering from being used for entertainment, food, medicine, fashion, scientific advancement, and as exotic pets
For instance , I’m in an animal welfare organization, Animal Home whose visions are ;
:heavy_check_mark:Advocate for Animal Welfare
:heavy_check_mark:Promoting one health (zoonoses)
:heavy_check_mark:Train rrescue( the reason for her Vanguard Team)
:heavy_check_mark:Animal husbandry/ internship training

Reflecting on one of its values , Promoting One Health ; the org is trying its very best to sensitive and let people know what zoonotic diseases are(an animal disease, such as rabies or anthrax, that can be transmitted to humans) and also vaccination of animals when need be
For example, rabies causes about 59,000 deaths around the world each year . Most of the deaths occur in countries where public health resources are inadequate. If I have a rabid pet dog or cat , then am at risk of being exposed to the rabies virus.
There’s a zoonotic form of Tuberculosis .TB is one of the leading infectious disease killer in the world, claiming 1.5 million lives each year .
We have seen the likes of Ebola virus claim the lives of thousands ; years back in the West African community
If zoonotic diseases can be reduced to the barest minimum I feel the world will become a better place to live in .

N.B :I’m not trying to shill the forementioned organization cos i haven’t even had a discussing with our founder on this.Besides, that’s was by the way. I was just trying to establish some points :innocent:

I personally have seen news of how much the Russian-Ukraine War has hampered lifes of animals in the region .
An Analogy: A traumatized animal or sick animal will be of low productivity in turn causing little or no nutritional value from its
Day in day out , widelife getting extinct , animals maltreated, morality rate of zoonotic related diseases on the rise, mishandling of animals etc; all these in turn poses a threat on humanity.

Ftt Dao promoting animal welfare can help project its cause “effective altruism” & also reflecting on SBF’s .
This in turn promote blockchain education to a greater height(reaching out to the uninformed) thereby onboarding more to Ftx :blush:
Thanks for your time,a long read I guess :relieved::grin:
Have a wonderful day ahead

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Brilliant idea Favour!

Thanks for sharing, your points are well spelt out.
My thoughts;

  1. Favour, I’m very curious to know, are you vegan? :laughing:
  2. Yeah, I agree, animal welfarism is important, do you have any proposal in mind on how we can drive that? Let us know what you have in mind.
  3. Love to hear thoughts from @0xMarcJ

I’m not a vegan :laughing: , that why i said something about the depreciation in nutritional value of animal byproducts
My proposal is providing grants for grassroot nonprofit animal welfare organizations so as to help provide support funding

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I’d recommend:

  1. see what the community think on this forum topic
  2. apply for a grant once you have community support and let the grant go to a vote!