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Bug report:
FTX Pro (latest version)
Sub-account transfer>fiat , then app crashed, forced to close app.


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Thanks Joeywong for this feedback!

Bug still persists?

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Yes. (Oh, min. Characters requirements sucks. Lol)

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Just trying to limit number of spams.

On the app crash, tried out on my Android, it doesn’t force close on subaccount transfer.
Can you send a video/screen record of the bug, so we can pass across to FTX?

No video recording.

I found the same when i click on “stocks” , or “crypto”.

Here’s the screenshot.

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Got it. :+1:
Would be passed across, if FTX needs further details to understand the bug, we’d let you know.

I’m thinking it’s device specific anyway, maybe we can hear from other person’s on the forum too if it’s a general bug.


What is Limit TWAP in Quant Zone?
I can’t find it on

I thought it’s TWAP with limit order, but tested, no.
It’s good to have a how-to.
Can we TWAP with limit order?

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After app FTX PRO update,
Failed to deposit cryptocurrency.
Deposit>cryptocurrencies> no tokens to select, even search, shows nothing.

But it’s ok on stablecoins .

Device: Android

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Got it!
Passed across.

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Hi Joeywong, yes, I observed that sometimes back on my app too, but it all seems good now.
I think the update removed the “Show/Hide Zero Balance” toggle from the previous version which makes all assets with zero balance not reflecting in wallet.

But on your concerns, it’s all good from my end. I’m able to deposit cryptocurrencies.

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“hide/show zero balance” toggle is useful, imho.

Now, my problem is all token options gone. I can’t deposit unless I use web version.

And, when i click on a specific token to deposit, it still ask me to choose.

Wallet>ftt>deposit>choose currency/token

The last step should be skipped as I already chose FTT to deposit.

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I agree,

I agree, I think we should have it back. I’ve had a few persons complain about not seeing it on the updated UI too.

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I just confirmed this :laughing:, haha
Yes you’re right, the last step to choose currency to deposit isn’t necessary in this case.

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