Enhancing Crypto Awareness and Education

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Would love make a proposition that could help enhance crypto education.
So, first of, most of the offline educational events hosted by BFFs across the globe to foster crypto education are mostly held in native languages or in the mostly used official languages, French or English. This is a very good one because language is a very crucial tool in education.
It should also be noted that these events are usually streamed live so persons who can’t attend physically can benefit from this events or recorded for future references. This can in turn lead to a language barrrier when persons who doesn’t understand the language spoken in such events joins the stream or listens to the recordings.
Using the African continent as an exmaple, cultural diversity is very much dominant and it can be said that countries in the continent are segregated into anglophone and francophone countries. Then thining it down to my country Nigeria, which is English speaking, so much tribal groups, but three major ones(The Yoruba, Igbo & Hausa tribe). So there was one particular meetup hosted by the Dao, to make education much more easier, the Northerners where the event was hosted were addressed in the Hausa language , I myself didn’t understand being from the Yoruba tribe and a friend in the dao also from Sierra Leone if i could remember (French speaking country) was totally lost also.
This is just a simple picture of how the langauage barrier can debar or reduce the widespread of crypto adoption.

Then an idea popped up.
What if an AI translation solution powered by the blockchain(if possible) is built , in which users can easily do a bit of language selection and they’re good to go if watching a recorded session or the AI would just translate as subtitles in a live stream to the preferred languages almost instantaneously. The AI should be able to translate languages as far as native languages apart from the official ones.
Or would it be best if its an app created for the function of streaming or it being a part of the Dao’s website?
These streams can easily be integrated on the Dao website as part of the blog enhancing crypto awareness and education.
I don’t really know how feasible this could be cos i ain’t a dev but i believe creative thinking can work something similar or even better out .
The Dao is comprised of brilliant minds which is so laudable & I believe this can be possible .
Thanks for your time😊


Important observation
This should be considered too
The goal is to onboard the community into crypto space, Using the native language to educate community members will help them understand the whole concept better.


Great point Favour, in that case, maybe we can use Google Translate to tailor our education material’s language into more localized once, e.g. Hausa? Afterwards if we have BFFs that understand the local language they can help review the accuracy of the translation

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Nice suggestion