Grant funding for Yieldchain, DeFi's 0-code yield composability layer

A proposal for a grant funding for Yieldchain.


Yieldchain is a universal, 0-code protocol that enables everyday DeFi users to assemble fully customizable yield strategies on top of any protocol, pool, or asset - and deploy them as fully functional, social vaults with the click of a button.

It essentially allows anyone, sophisticated or not, to assemble custom yields strategies on a visual, no code interface, automate those strategies & share them with others as vaults, other users can simply deposit into these vaults and their funds will be automatically routed throughout that yield strategy continuously, thus maximize their yields.

Yieldchain is also entirely composable, it allows non-technical users to instantaneously plug-in any protocol or pool into their strategies, Yieldchain’s TAM is thus - all of DeFi.

Choose protocol & pool to build ontop of (Or plug one in yourself!):

Strategy Builder interface:

Main dashboard (Browse vaults):

We are about halfway through the development of our MVP, with the delivery expected to be about ~1 month from the date of this writing

we will support the FTT community be “verifying” all of the protocols that support any form of yield-generation on FTT tokens (See row on main dashboard), this will give a lot of extra visibility to vaults that are utilizing those protocols & the FTT token, and thus drive volume to the FTT token both directly & indirectly.

We are looking for $10,000 in funding

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