Token Conversion

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About token conversion,

  1. It’s good to have dollar value below the token.
    See attached. One is on FTX, another one is on Uniswap.
    Maybe it’s just me. Some DeFi natives are used to some DEX UI and may feel incomplete information when doing conversion here.
  2. Allow switch rate to denominated in the both tokens.
  3. Allow checking rate even if no balance.

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Hey Joeywong, thank you for this feedback.
This is quite thoughtful of you. I 100% agree with these token Conversion features you have pointed out, gives the DEX feel, but most importantly, makes conversion easy and seamless and one is able to as well calculate conversion PNL with the rates.
My only bias is; these features makes sense when converting stables - stables but in the case of volatile asset - Volatile asset, quotes would keep changing from time to time as price changes.
What are your thoughts on this?

Hi, @John . It’s the same for volatile assets. It’s even better in CEX as DEX using third party service to give this info, but CEX can use their real time price. And this info is just an estimation, give users a brief idea what value is sending and getting.

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Agree, thanks Joeywong for this feature request.

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