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Hello everyone,

A new UI feature was rolled out on FTX.com. Now we have the menu with star and favourites being displayed separately as shown in the image below:

What do y’all think about this updated UI feature?

To add more context and color:

Currently in the markets selection menu no matter how you sort the list it always keeps starred markets at the top, e.g if you try to sort by Daily Change, it separately sorts the starred and unstarred lists by Daily Change.

I think it’s more intuitive to sort everything as one single list.

Generally if a user is looking for the biggest movers I think they are looking for results from the entire market, not just the pairs they’ve starred.

So I think when we sort it should be on all pairs in the list, ignoring whether the particular market is starred or not (Binance/Bybit follows this approach).

FTX could add a button at the top of the starred column to allow users to re-sort by their favourite markets if they want to do that.

FTX can also have a “show favorites only” toggle that hides all unstarred markets from the menu if the user really wants to just sort within their favorite markets (lower priority if this requires a lot of work)

What does everyone else think of the new UI?



And we can apply some color theory here.
Like make the star :sparkles: yellow.
Yellow makes ppl feel happy and spontaneous and it associates with hope. It makes viewers more optimistic and energetic, aka stimulate trading impulse.

(Picture is for reference. Not say make the star cartoonized.)