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Yeah I’d love make this reccomendation. Some people I’ve helped register with ftx do get confused at first on which app to download. FTX app or FTX pro. I’d really recommend that the two apps be combined if possible. So they just search, click and install straight up.


Thanks for this feedback Tochi!

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I want range buy/sell feature.
I see a demand on it.
It could be in 2 modes.
For example, I want to range buy FTT:
1st mode: Invest $100, 10 grids
The other mode: Invest to buy 100 FTT, 10 grids
Hope it could improve liquidity on FTX, especially spot market.


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About token conversion,

  1. It’s good to have dollar value below the token.
    See attached. One is on FTX, another one is on Uniswap.
    Maybe it’s just me. Some DeFi natives are used to some DEX UI and may feel incomplete information when doing conversion here.
  2. Allow switch rate to denominated in the both tokens.
  3. Allow checking rate even if no balance.

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Bug report:
FTX Pro (latest version)
Sub-account transfer>fiat , then app crashed, forced to close app.



Sub-account transfer, “Source Account” by default is the current account.
Add arrows to switch "Source Account " and “Destination Account”
Maybe we could simplify to “From” and “To”.